Podcasting Tips

Everything You Need as a New Podcaster

It can be overwhelming to figure out what you should be doing as a new podcaster. While there are many paths podcasters can take with their shows, we have a few recommendations to help make the journey that much easier.

Learn what makes a strong podcast, how to build an audience, and how to monetize your show. There’s no shortage of resources at RedCircle!

Podcast Creation

The first step to podcasting is to, well, create your podcast! While it certainly can be as simple as plugging in a mic and chatting away, we have a few resources ready for you to help start off strong.

Gearing Up:
Recording, Editing, and More

Podcast Growth

Podcasts require an audience in order to flourish. Check out these articles to learn how to cultivate a community for your show and watch the downloads pour in!


Not everyone wants to monetize their show, but if you’re looking to earn a living through your creative work then these articles can help put you on the right track.

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