Podcasting Tips

Embed Your Podcast for More Downloads

A guaranteed way to get more downloads for your podcast is to make sure it’s been made widely available to everyone. Alongside distributing your show to the major (and minor) listening platforms, it’s also recommended to have an accompanying podcast website and even newsletter!

Sharing your podcast with as wide an audience as possible is always a good growth strategy!

Embed on Websites

Creating a podcast website allows you to take advantage of SEO best practices. It’s also a great way to distribute your show! Visitors to your website can listen to your podcast while they read the transcript or accompanying blog post. Embedding the episode directly on your website makes it so much easier for your audience as they don’t need to go searching for the show. They can simply just click play!

Websites dedicated to blogging, like Medium and WordPress, make it fairly easy to add your podcast, or even individual episodes, to your posts. Combining your written content with your audio in one single place makes the experience that much more seamless for your audience!

Embed in Emails

Do you already send a newsletter to your dedicated audience? You may be able to send them your podcast right in the email itself! Should your audience use Apple Mail, which according to Litmus (an email testing suite), about 58% of all open emails are Apple Mail users. So, it’s a good bet that many of your own audience members would be able to hear your podcast right in your newsletter!

Podcasters can add audio directly into their newsletter by utilizing HTML, specifically a piece of code that allows for the audio file of your episode to be played. (You can learn how to grab the mp3 file for any of your published episodes in our Help Center here.)

The code can be as simple as:

<audio controls preload="none" src="https://YOUR_AUDIO_MP3_LINK.mp3">

Only Apple Mail users can play audio


Adding this to your newsletter would populate an audio player right in the email itself!

For a full breakdown of how to achieve this, check out Podnews’ Blog Post on embedding mp3 files in an email.

There are a myriad of underrated ways to share your podcast with the world! The best way to grow your podcast is to shout it from every mountaintop you can climb!