Podcasting Tips

Give Your Revenue a Boost with Listener Subscriptions

Podcast revenue can come in a variety of forms; Host-Read ads, Programmatic ads, sponsored content, live shows, merchandise, and much more. One revenue channel that is often overlooked is subscriptions and other audience-based payments. Your audience more than likely wants to support you in any way they can, and they can feel connected to your success by contributing in a more tangible way than just tuning in each week. Why not give them a chance to support you and the joy you give them?

Low Commitment

One way to allow your audience to support you is to give them the option of donating to your show. These payments can be one-off, or a recurring subscription for whatever amount that they choose. Donations are an easy way to show support for your favorite podcast without committing to a long-term financial transaction. There are plenty of donation services you can utilize, and even some that are built directly into your hosting platform like RedCircle’s donation feature!

It can feel uncomfortable to ask your listeners for money, but you can add a small blurb to your show notes so folks who do want to support you can! It can be as simple as: “If you enjoy listening to my show, you can show your support by donating whatever you can. Donations help to keep my show as great as it is!” Mentioning that donations can aid in the creation of your show allows your audience to see a more honest and real side of you. It’s okay to be real with them!

It’s Time to Go Exclusive

Another way listeners can show their support for you and your podcast is through subscriptions and gated content. Granting them access to unique and special rewards can help create a sense of community with your audience. They’ll feel more connected to your show and will even be rewarded for unlocking that exclusivity.

Of course, there are tons of subscription-based services out there that you can use to supplement your income, but if you’d like to keep your things in one place then we’d recommend our Exclusive Content feature. You can effortlessly turn it on with a click of a mouse (and turn it off just as easily.)

Having some sort of reward attached to payments can make you feel more comfortable when opening up these types of revenue streams. It feels like more of an obvious give-and-take which can be more appealing to some.

Whichever way you wish to monetize your podcast, RedCircle can help! Sign up today and see how we can take your podcast to new heights.