Announcing OpenRAP

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The First Automated Host-Read Ad Platform Available Across Podcast Hosts Today, RedCircle announces OpenRAP, the first and only product delivering fully-automated host-read advertising across hosting platforms. With OpenRAP, podcast publishers can have new host-read advertising demand delivered directly into their content by RedCircle; all without switching podcast hosts. OpenRAP takes the power and automation of […]

Podcast Advertising

How Podcasts Make Money

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“How do I earn money for my work?” has probably flowed through your mind as you pour your heart and soul into your podcast. You know we’re no strangers to advocating for creators to make a living through their craft. We wholeheartedly agree that folks should be paid for their creative work, podcasts included. There […]

Podcasting Tips

How to Write a Podcast Script

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Starting a podcast can be easy, but excelling at podcasting is more difficult than you might imagine. Shows that seem effortless are everything but that. Podcasters pour a great deal of effort into crafting their shows for the best listening experience. Part of creating a good listening experience is creating a script for your episodes. […]