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Introducing Self-Service Frequency Capping & Host-Read Air Check Updates

Advertisers can now set their preferred frequency cap on a weekly or monthly basis for every new podcast advertising campaign. Campaigns can range from a single podcast to hundreds of participants.

In addition, advertisers can now aircheck, pause, and request updates to individual Host-Read Ads directly from the platform. Brands can request a re-read or update anytime a promotion code is incorrect, a brand is mispronounced or required terms are missed in the read. This allows advertisers to reduce or eliminate the exposure of incorrect reads and avoid the hassle of requesting and planning make-goods.

Make-goods are a common industry challenge that’s frustrating for both advertisers and podcasters. Anytime a Host-Read Ad needs to be re-read, the podcaster loses future revenue opportunities, and the advertiser has to manage incorrect promotion codes or realign performance timelines. RedCircle is committed to supporting advertisers in increasing their performance in the channel and creating a more direct line of communication with hosts to improve reads and streamline host-read advertising partnerships.

We’re excited to introduce these two new improvements to further automate and scale Host-Read Advertising in the podcast industry!

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