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How to Get More Listeners for Your Podcast

A question that lives in the mind of every podcaster: how do I get more people to listen to my show? While it may seem like a daunting task, we have a few pointers on how to make it a much easier journey to navigate!

Be Unique

Naturally, you want your podcast to stand out in the sea of other shows! The best advice we can give is to be unique – in name, in description, even in artwork. A vague name like, “Joe’s Podcast” makes it easier to skip over. Choose something that catches your intended audience’s attention. Something descriptive, unique, and creative (and you can learn how to find that name in our blog post here!)

Show off what’s special about your show through both the visual and written medium.

Shout it Out Loud

Don’t be scared to speak about your podcast, especially since you’ve put in a ton of work and should be proud! Share it with beloved friends and family, and encourage them to share it within their own circles. Ask them to leave a rating and comment to boost the perception of your show. See our other blog post for even more tips on growing your show! 

Alongside sharing it with those you know, share it with those you don’t by ensuring it’s distributed to more than just the big listening platforms. While a significant portion of listeners do come from Apple Podcasts and Spotify, there are still plenty of listeners who prefer smaller apps like PocketCasts, Podcast Addict, Audacy, and more! The list of popular listening apps is a long one, so take advantage of it and share your show everywhere you can!

Collaborate & Network

One of the best ways to find new listeners is to expand your reach past your own circles. An easy way to do this is by promoting your show on other shows! Using RedCircle’s Cross-Promotions Marketplace, you can find shows with similar audiences and collaborate on a campaign together. You each get the benefit of sharing your show! And who knows, you might even find a guest co-host for the future!

In addition to cross-promoting, it’s always a good idea to hop on another podcast as a guest. Fans of their show are introduced to a new show that they may end up loving just as much. Be sure to extend the same kindness, though. Having friends in podcasting is always a plus!

Use Tried-and-True Marketing Techniques

Never underestimate the power of marketing! Sharing your show on social media (on a frequent basis), creating a companion blog, or even sending out a weekly newsletter are great ways to engage your audience.

Share in the physical world, too! Create some merch like stickers to pass out during podcast events. Post flyers about your show at local places in your community. Even wearing your own branded t-shirt while going about your day is an excellent way to spread the word! The goal is to get the name of your podcast into every available hand you can!

Finally, employ some SEO best practices in your show and episode descriptions to help boost your podcast on the web. SEO is your best friend when it comes to ranking high on the various search engines!

Listeners can be elusive, so we hope these tips (and many others in our blog) help you to soar to new heights in your podcasting journey!

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