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Podcasting SEO Tips to Help Grow Your Podcast

The growth of your show is a top priority for any and all podcasters. But how do you get your show to be ranked among the highest search results? This is where SEO can become your best friend!

In short, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) refers to the keywords search engines, like Google, use to populate information for the searcher. Optimizing these keywords helps to pull your content to the very first page of search. An overwhelming majority of people click on links found on the first page of a search engine and rarely venture to the second page (even rarer for the third page and beyond!)

One of the best ways to grow your podcast is to get it out there. And one of the best ways to get it out there is to utilize tools like SEO to your advantage. SEO can sound intimidating but it’s so much easier than you expect!

Add Keywords to Your Titles, Descriptions, and More

The key to optimizing your podcast is to, well, use keywords. You want to use words that quickly summarize your content but also rank your episodes and show highly in the results. This may seem a bit tricky, so we’ve collected some tips to make it easier:

  • Choose words that have high volume, but low competition
  • Post that keyword everywhere you can! In the title of the episode, in your episode descriptions a few times, even in social posts about the episode.
  • Be sure to select different keywords for different episodes

Free keyword research tools can help you to narrow down the right words and make it easy to select them.

You should start to see your podcast grow in no time!

Take Advantage of Distribution Channels

A great way to reach a wider audience is to ensure you’re distributing to every place they might be. Distribute your podcast to all the major listening platforms and then some. Don’t be afraid to share your show through every possible channel.

An often overlooked listening platform is Google Podcasts. Google Podcasts in particular can help to populate your show on the world’s most-used search engine: Google!
RedCircle automatically takes care of distribution to Google Podcasts for you. Simply sign up with RedCircle, create your podcast, or import it from your previous host, and we’ll do the rest!

Make a Podcast Website

What better way to take advantage of SEO than by creating an accompanying website for your podcast. A podcast website allows you to create corresponding blog posts for your episodes, which can include your targeted SEO keywords and furthering your reach and rankings.

You can also post the full script to your episodes on your podcast website. Posting anything related to your podcast and episodes on a secondary site will only help to increase your searchability!

There are plenty of options for creating websites, from the free (and well-established) like WordPress to the paid, but famously great, Squarespace. Just like a podcasting hosting platform, select a website builder that best suits your needs.

The Power of Social Media

Never underestimate the power of social media and sharing. You can reach audiences far beyond your own with a simple repost. Take advantage of trending topics and hashtags to promote your show and recent episodes.

Be sure to use your selected SEO keywords to create yet another avenue for high search rankings. Don’t be afraid to encourage your followers to repost and share your podcast with their social circles. The more reposts, the higher the chances are that the various search engines pick up on those posts.

These SEO tips and tricks will help you to reach the top rankings in no time! The more you think about SEO and how to best utilize it for your show, the higher your episodes and podcast will rank on popular search engines and listening platforms.

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