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Let’s Talk Revenue Streams: Diversifying with Exclusive Content & Donations

When you hear the phrase “podcast revenue” your mind probably jumps immediately to ads, right? And you’re not wrong for thinking so! Many podcasters earn a living through both Programmatic and Host-Read ads. While these revenue streams are fantastic, one of the most important things for turning any creative endeavor into a career is to diversify your revenue. Enabling community-driven monetization features only helps to supplement your ad revenue stream (or vice versa in some of our podcasters’ cases!)

Features like Exclusive Content & Donations give your listeners the power to support you in a personal and meaningful way. It can create a sense of personal connection and community with your show. Giving your audience special access to unique content helps to further build your relationship with them.

Take the Jocko Underground Podcast and CzabeCast Premium as expert examples! The Jocko Podcast plays snippets of Underground episodes, giving non-subscribed listeners the quick version of the exclusive episode. Subscribed users, on the other hand, get an hour-long bonus version of that same episode! The Jocko Podcast entices their listeners with little teasers. Giving them enough to enjoy the content, but providing more for those who want more!

CzabeCast Premium takes a similar approach. Though, the entire podcast itself is an entirely exclusive version of their show. They choose special topics relevant to their show to create a supplemental podcast to be enjoyed solely by their subscribers.

You don’t need to create Exclusive Content in order for your listeners to support you, though. You can also enable Donations, which allow listeners to leave you as much or as little as they wish. This feature in particular helps to make your listeners feel that they are truly making a difference for you.

Check out the love that the OVIES + GIGLIO podcast received from their listeners when they announced their show and the ability to donate. Their audience jumped on the chance to show their appreciation in a more tangible way. Your listeners want you to succeed!

Using these features to supplement your other revenue streams only helps! The key to earning a living in your creative career is to get creative with your revenue. Diversify and experiment with all of our monetization features and find out which one(s) work best for you!

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