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The Benefits of Small Business Ads

You’ve heard us say it before: Ads are an excellent way to monetize your show! But what if you’re still developing your audience and haven’t attracted mainstream industry advertisers yet? Well, there’s more than one way to use RedCircle to earn revenue for your podcast!

Our Dynamic Insertion technology allows you to run your own campaigns. Giving you the freedom to decide who gets an advertisement spot on your podcast. A great way to book slots is to engage with small businesses, both local and far away. Finding a business that meshes well with your content and audience benefits the both of you. You can provide them with a specialized or niche audience and they can provide you with a potential long-term partnership. It’s a win-win all around!

The first step to working with small businesses is to figure out which businesses you want to work with. The obvious answer is to think about what businesses have products or services that complement your podcast. For example, let’s say you have a role-playing podcast where you use things like dice during the show. Look for businesses that create custom dice, or a games store that’s interested in growing their customer base. Or, maybe you’re already using a product in your podcast that you love. Brands always want podcasters passionate about their products/services as it creates a much better host-read ad. (As we learned in this blog post!)

The locality of the business can play an important role, too. Using the geo-location performance report in your analytics, you can learn where a majority of your audience is located. You can narrow it down by country, region, or even city! You could reach out to businesses popular or new in that area and offer to collaborate with them. For example, let’s say you have a fitness podcast and you reach out to a local gym offering to advertise their services. Or, you host a show focused on a local sporting team. You could check out bars and restaurants in the area where games are frequently played on their screens.

There are endless opportunities when looking for brands to collaborate with and build long-lasting partnerships!

Once you secure a deal with a business you like, you can create Custom Audio Clips and Audio Blocks to smoothly insert the ads into your show. You could even run several campaigns at once! The choice, and flexibility, is up to you!

Don’t wait for advertisement opportunities to come to you! Being proactive, especially as you’re growing your podcast, will help you to create long-term partnerships with brands and demonstrate to bigger brands your consistency and excellence. Whether it’s for small or local businesses, collaboration between podcasts, or announcements for your audience, our Dynamic Insertion tools help to easily manage any type of campaign.

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