Podcasting Tips

The Dos and Don’ts of Co-Hosting a Podcast

Starting a podcast is great. Starting a podcast with a friend is even better! Partnering with someone to create a show benefits you, your co-host, and your podcast in a myriad of ways. You help keep each other accountable and motivated, your different perspectives and skills add balance, and you each have strengths that help propel the podcast to success.

It’s easy to say you want to start a podcast with a friend, but actually starting it can be tough. For this reason, we’ve created the Dos and Dont’s of Co-Hosting a Podcast. Read on to learn more!

Don’t: Be Unprepared

No one likes to work with a partner who just strolls up into the recording booth without any idea of the day’s episode. Do your homework! Whether you’re an expert on the topic or not, do some research before recording so you can carry on a conversation with your co-host. They’ll appreciate your readiness and it’ll make for an engaging episode!

Do: Plan Together Beforehand

Be careful not to completely run the show (unless you both agreed to that!) It’s important to check in regularly with each other to plan upcoming episodes. Figure out what the topics are that you want, or don’t want, to discuss. Open communication is key when hosting a podcast together!

Don’t: Talk Over Each Other

We get it! You’re both stoked about starting a podcast and want to gush about the topic. But don’t forget to give each other space to talk. Your listeners want to hear an equal give-and-take, not a fight for who gets to speak. Talking over each other doesn’t make for a great listening experience!

Do: Use Non-Verbal Communication & Listen

So, how do you make sure you give each other enough space to share your thoughts? Try using hand signals, nods, and any non-verbal communication to let your co-host know that you have something to say after they’re done. Be sure to agree beforehand on what signals to use so you don’t confuse each other!

It’s also crucial to actively listen to your co-host during recording. This helps to keep a natural conversation going. If you’re staring at your notes, or worrying about what you’re going to say next, then you might miss an opportunity to create great content with one another. You may end up fumbling the flow of the conversation. Be sure to pay attention!

Don’t: Make Your Co-Host Do All the Work

Remember group projects in school way back when? Someone not “pulling their weight” was a dreaded fear for most students. Don’t push off all the work onto your co-host! Podcasting is more than just recording; it’s editing, writing, marketing, technical work, and more. It takes a lot of effort to create exceptional shows. Pitch in and don’t let your partner burn out!

Do: Split Up Responsibilities

Play to your strengths and skills by splitting up the tasks required to create a podcast. For example, one of you could be in charge of editing the podcast while the other handles uploading it to your podcast hosting platform. Or, one of you could be responsible for managing all Host-Read Ad campaigns while the other handles the more technical aspects like Dynamic Insertion.

For the most efficient way to co-create a podcast, we recommend taking advantage of multi-login features like Team Seats! With Team Seats, both you and your co-host have the ability to edit, upload, and manage your podcast(s). The best part is that neither of you need to share your private login credentials as you would both have your own accounts.

In the end, the most important thing to keep in mind is to respect one another. You can’t create a podcast with someone you don’t get along with. Respecting and appreciating each other’s time, opinions, and effort can go a long way in creating a fantastic show!

So, why not send this article to the friend you’ve always wanted to start a podcast with! You know, as a gentle hint. 😉