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How to Get the Most Out of Your Podcast Analytics

Analytics are an excellent, and often underrated, way to deeply understand your audience. Our analytics provide you valuable insight into who you listeners are, how they prefer to listen, and much more. But the data doesn’t stop there! We give you information on your diverse earnings, your advertisers, and all your other partners. We want you to have the fullest look at your podcast(s) to ensure it’s growing like you want it to.

To help you get the most out of your analytics, we’re going to show you some lesser known ways to utilize your podcast data.

Download Analytics

Download information is among the most important for podcasters. Have you ever wondered what episodes resonated the most with your audience? Or what the best time of day to post a new episode is for your listeners? Our analytics hold the key to these secrets!

Episode Performance

This chart can tell you what episodes your audience found the most engaging. Understanding your Top 5 episodes can help you discover the type of content that speaks the most to your audience. Maybe they enjoyed the time you interviewed a certain guest, or broached a specific topic. Use this chart to guide the planning of future episodes!

Listening Apps

Everyone has a beloved app they use for all of their audio listening, whether that be Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, etc. Knowing which listening app they prefer helps you to know which links to share directly with your followers on social media. Give them the quickest and easiest way to tune in to your show so they can get a taste of your content!

Download Time of Day

Being able to tap into the exact time of day that your audience is tuning into your show is definitely one of our more underappreciated abilities! Maybe your listeners like to start the day with your uplifting episodes, or perhaps they like to end the day with your hilarious stories. It can inform you further on the type of content you can create for your audience.

This heatmap also allows you to get the best sense of what day and time to post new episodes for the highest amount of downloads. It tells you when the best time to share episode links on social media, too!

Geolocation Performance

Knowing where your audience is tuning is another one of our more little-known abilities. The Geolocation Performance chart can aid you in creating partnerships with local businesses in your most popular areas. If you’re looking into hosting some live shows in the future, then this map can help you determine which regions, states, cities, would be the best places for a sold-out show!

Earnings Analytics

For podcasters looking to monetize, it’s imperative that they have a solid understanding of their revenue. That’s where the earning analytics come into play, especially for podcasters who diversified their revenue streams or ran their own, independent ad campaigns. No other hosting company combines earnings from Host-Read, Programmatic, and Sponsorships/Donations with the extensive level of detail as RedCircle does. We want to provide our podcasters an all-encompassing look at their revenue so they can fully understand their earnings.

Earnings analytics allows you to dive deeply into where you’re generating the most revenue, and focus your efforts in those areas. It allows you to understand what’s working and what’s not working for your show.

Dynamic Insertions Analytics

Alongside earnings analytics, Dynamic Insertion analytics can give you a more thorough understanding of your ad campaigns in particular. You can identify your Top 5 advertisers and categories to better understand what your listeners are hearing during the ad breaks.

This can also lead you to seeking off-platform campaigns in similar categories, knowing that those perform well on your show as demonstrated in your analytics!

You can track the success of RAP Host-Read Ads, RAP Programmatic Ads, and Cross-Promotions with other podcasters. The Top Episodes chart even allows you to understand what episodes performed the best with your Dynamic Insertions. Knowing which episodes were the most successful can guide you in finding the best possible spots for your Insertion Points in future episodes.

There’s an ample amount of information right at your fingertips with RedCircle’s analytics. You can uncover things about your podcast that even you may not know!

Why not try out a 7-Day Free Trial of one of our paid plans and find all the surprising and delightful ways our analytics can benefit you. We’d love to show you just how powerful this information can be!