Introducing Team Seats, Advanced Analytics, and More

At RedCircle, we’re relentlessly pursuing our fundamental mission of helping independent podcasters to get paid and be heard. As our tools for distribution, analytics, growth, and monetization have matured, we’ve attracted podcasters of all shapes and sizes. RedCircle is great for hobbyists looking to step up, but it’s also an amazing suite of tools for professionals, indie networks, and production companies looking to maximize their revenue.

To better serve this evolving customer base, RedCircle is excited to announce a new set of features that help podcasters both big and small.

Collaboration and Control With Team Seats

With Team Seats, account owners can now invite their teammates to their Organization, complete with separate login credentials and fully customizable levels of access.

Co-creating a podcast with a friend?  With Team Seats, you both can log in and manage the podcast independently, without having to share credentials.

Running a network and need to provide limited access for each podcaster?  With Team Seats, each podcaster can get a login that allows them to fully manage their own podcast, without access to any others in the network. As the account owner, you can dive into all the podcasts on your account and view analytics across the network.

And if you run a major network with producers, creators, and salespeople, you can add as many Team Seats as you’d like, each with customizable access to any shows in your org.

This is one of our most requested features, so we’re very excited to see how our creators take advantage of these new collaboration capabilities!

Dive Deeper with New, More Comprehensive Analytics

We released a major update to the RedCircle analytics page last April, which added new data visualizations and upgraded the design so that we could add more widgets as our analytics capabilities grew. Today, we’re utilizing that new design and launching an entire suite of new more comprehensive analytics to help you get a deeper understanding of your audience, income, and podcast performance. Here’s just a few of the new analytics we’ve added:

Podcast Performance: Compare downloads across all the podcasts on your account.

Time of Day: Check out when your listeners are tuning in.

Exclusive Downloads: Understand the audience that’s behind the paywall for your exclusive content.

Dynamic Insertion Analytics: Get data on insertions by type, by episode, and for specific audio blocks. With this new data, you can more easily run dynamic insertion campaigns on your own show, and report back to advertisers on campaign progress.

Expanded Revenue Analytics: RedCircle helps you to monetize your content across several revenue streams.  Our new revenue analytics lets you dive into the details of each monetization product, and observe your revenue growth over time.

New Account Plans and a Commitment to ‘Free’

With these new products and features comes a change to RedCircle’s pricing structure. Though we are committed to always offering a comprehensive free plan, these more advanced features will be part of our new paid account plans, as described on our new pricing page. These paid account  plans also include access to other new features like Instant Payouts to get paid faster, one-click YouTube publishing on podcasts of all sizes, and more. 

Is RedCircle Still Free?

We are absolutely committed to continuing to provide the best free tier that you can find in podcasting. We’ll continue to offer unlimited episodes, unlimited downloads, unlimited storage, access to our monetization products, and more, completely free. Our free plan is not designed to be an incomplete hosting solution that forces you to upgrade — it’s a fully functioning hosting product that will cover most podcasters’ needs.

The growth of our monetization products has been off the charts over the last 12 months — we’re putting millions of dollars in podcasters pockets and are excited to continue to grow with our creators. Adding these pricing plans, which are primarily oriented towards professional podcasters and indie networks, are not a change in our business model, but an extension to our offering that will allow RedCircle to deliver scale and revenue for podcasters that are large or small, independent or network-bound, and professionals or hobbyists. 

What About Existing Users?

RedCircle’s existing active customers have been legacied into a special RedCircle Original Plan which includes just about all the features they have access to today on their existing podcasts, and will continue to be free.

RedCircle’s team is growing, our platform is expanding, and the revenue we’re delivering to podcasters is rapidly on the rise. We are incredibly excited to launch these new products, but we’re even more excited about delivering on our long-term mission of helping podcasters make money and be heard. More to come!

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