Podcast Advertising

How to Ace Your First Ad Read

You’ve made it to 500 average weekly downloads, you’ve opted in to RAP, and now you’ve received your first Host-Read Ad opportunity. First thing first, pat yourself on the back for landing your first ad read!

How do you make sure you knock it out of the park, though? Easy! Keep reading this guide for tips on how to absolutely ace your very first Host-Read Ad.

Read the Script Carefully

The scripts given to you are jam-packed with plenty of information about the brand, the ad read, and more. It’s super important not to skimp on this part. Be sure to carefully read through the provided information so you don’t miss anything required of you. It’s best to read it a few times and really give yourself the opportunity to fully understand what the brand wants from this ad read. Some of the top-performing podcasters recommend taking ample time to review the script in order to exactly understand the message the brand wants to share with their listeners.

A number of brands may also include a “Dos and Don’ts” section which covers necessary information for your ad read. Things like how to talk about the product, words that should be avoided, or even how to properly pronounce the product. These Dos and Don’ts sections are imperative to creating a stellar Host-Read Ad. Don’t skip them!

Taking the time to carefully read through the provided script will help to avoid possible make-good (retake) requests from the brand. So, be sure to give yourself enough time to thoroughly read over the script!

Check Your Recording

The hardest part is over! The next recommended step is to listen to your recording to ensure that you’ve hit all the marks. Did you pronounce the product name correctly? Did you make sure to spell out the promo code? Listen to the recording while reviewing the provided script to confirm that nothing was missed.

Remember, you want to try your best to avoid possible make-goods, so take the time to double-check your work. You’ll thank yourself later!

Final Review

With the ad recorded and the campaign looming closer, the very last step is to confirm the more technical side of things. Run through this technical checklist to ensure it’s all set up correctly:

  • Do you have the correct Insertion Points added to your episodes?
  • Do you have the Default Audio Blocks, either the “Pre & Post Roll Ad Audio Blocks” or the “Mid Roll Ad Audio Block”, assigned to all episodes?
    • Check out our Help article on how to bulk-assign Audio Blocks to your episodes
  • If you don’t use the above Default Ad Audio Blocks, do you have the “RedCircle Ad” Audio Clip assigned to your preferred Audio Blocks?
  • Do your show notes include information about the product? And the promo code/website, if required?

Reviewing the script, your recording, and the technical aspects of your campaign will help to start the campaign on the right track. Acing the first Host-Read ad encourages your brand partner to renew with you, too!

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