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The Benefits of Dynamic Ad Insertion

It’s not hard to notice how big of fans we are when it comes to Dynamic Insertion (we even have a few different blogs on the subject!) We consider Dynamic Ad Insertion to be our bread-and-butter. We’re passionate about making it easy for both podcasters and advertisers to utilize this revolutionary tool for podcast advertising.

Podcast advertising, until recently, was dominated by what was called “baked-in” ads. These types of ads were added directly into a show’s audio during the editing process. Thus, they were called “baked-in” as they were literally baked into the raw audio before being uploaded to a hosting platform. 

Today, there are quite a few hosting platforms like RedCircle that offer the ability to make ads dynamic. Dynamically inserted podcast ads can be different for every single listener. Shows can run a campaign for a set length of time, even across their back catalog, and then easily swap in a new campaign. Dynamic Ad Insertion helps to keep the advertising in podcasts fresh. Listeners won’t hear the same ad over and over, they won’t hear old ads that aren’t relevant anymore, and they won’t be frustrated when listening to their favorite show.

There are countless benefits when it comes to Dynamic Ad Insertion! We’ll cover the ones we feel are the most important.

Benefit #1: Relevance of Ads

It can be disappointing as a listener when you hear an ad for an awesome product only to learn that the promotion code is expired – and has been for quite some time. With dynamically inserted ads, though, the listener always hears a timely advertisement. This creates a pleasant experience for the listener as they get relevant information, a desired outcome for the advertiser as the listener is able to use the given promotion code, and a satisfying result for the podcaster as their efforts aren’t wasted. It’s truly a win-win situation for everyone involved!

Benefit #2: Scalable and Targeted Campaigns

Now multiply the first benefit by 10. Dynamic ad insertion allows advertisers to foster those experiences across a wealth of different podcasts with a few clicks of a button. With RedCircle’s dynamic insertion tools in particular, advertisers can select any number of podcasts and provide individualized information for every single show through features like multi-script. And now multiply that by 100 and you can start to understand why this technology has grown in popularity over the years. Advertisers are able to scale their campaigns to an extensive level without creating immense work for themselves.

Benefit #3: Flexibility

Unlike baked-in ads, dynamically inserted ads allow for much greater flexibility. Podcasters have full control of where ads are inserted into their show. No more getting cut-off mid-sentence! As a podcaster, you can drop an Insertion Point anywhere in your episode and easily assign any type of dynamic audio to it, including both Programmatic and Host-Read ads.

This flexibility creates an enjoyable experience for the listener. If the ads blend seamlessly into the content, most listeners will appreciate the information their favorite host is dishing out. This is why podcast advertising, above any other medium, can be so successful. Don’t just take our word for it, there are tons of studies that show how effective podcast ads can actually be!


Benefit #4: Forecasting Budget & Impressions

With Dynamic Insertion, advertisers can easily forecast impressions and determine the budget needed for a specific campaign.  At RedCircle, our data closely follows IAB guidelines, which are the agreed-upon standard in the podcasting industry. This allows for fairly accurate campaign tracking as well as forecasting.

Benefit #5: Seamless Experience

You may have noticed a theme of “ease” when it comes to dynamic ad insertion. The intention of this feature is to create a simple and favorable experience for all parties involved. It shouldn’t be hard to execute an advertising campaign, both advertisers and podcasters should be given the tools to create seamless experiences for listeners and hosts. Advertisers should be able to create multiple campaigns in minutes, podcasters should be able to decide where ads make the most sense, and listeners should be given up-to-date information so they can act. With dynamic ad insertion, all of that is possible and more!

Baked-in ads helped to make podcasting the titan it is today. But innovation from platforms like RedCircle have pushed the industry even further for podcasters, advertisers, and listeners alike.  The goal of dynamic ad insertion everywhere is to create easy experiences for everyone. We’re dedicated to making these fresh, painless experiences available to everyone. Whether you’re a podcaster, an advertiser, or a listener. We want you to enjoy podcasting!


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