Introducing Multi-Scripts: Create Infinite Personalized Scripts In Minutes

Improvements to RedCircle’s Ad Platform (RAP) continue to grow the scale of Host-Read Ads in the podcast advertising industry. The platform gives advertisers access to thousands of niche audiences and more authentic endorsements while opening the door to more independent podcasters to share in the podcast advertising pie. 

Released last month, Teams for Advertisers allowed brands and agencies to provide specific permissions and add unlimited team members to build, manage, and report on podcasting campaign performance. 

With our August release of Multi-Script, brands and agencies can now manage unique scripts per campaign and per podcast providing unlimited personalization and on-the-go creative updates. RedCircle’s platform can also ingest a single script and generate infinite personalized versions for each participating podcaster with their unique promotion code. Brands and agencies can save significant time and energy on creative production and ensure more personalization for every read.

Not only have we made it easier for our advertising partners, but we now automatically provide a CTA and promotion code link for podcasters to include in their show notes during script creation. With single-click opt-in, they can reliably push listeners to their show notes and know their active promotion codes are up-to-date. With more prominent CTAs, podcasters can help improve performance and save the headache of managing their promotion codes alone.

We’re excited to continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible with Host-Read Ads and bring scale to the ad format. When RedCircle started 5 years ago, many industry experts said it was too hard to scale the Host-Read Ad format, but with each product update, we’ve proven time and time again that it’s possible. 

Sign up and try RedCircle for Advertisers today to see how your business can benefit! 

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