Introducing Teams for Advertisers

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Teams for Advertisers to better support our growing automated Host-Read Ad Platform!

Despite recent industry articles calling for the fall of podcasting and ad revenue, RedCircle’s Ad Platform (RAP) has grown quarter-over-quarter since its inception. Rising to nearly 500 unique Host-Read Ads ran in June alone! Daily unique Host-Reads delivered through the platform also exceeded 250 per day in June and still continue to grow. With speed and transparency, RedCircle’s automated platform does the work of coordinating product samples, administering scripts, gathering ad reads, and distributing payments. Now with our new Teams for Advertisers product, brands and agencies can have even more control over their podcast ad campaigns.

Teams for Advertisers allows agencies and advertisers to add unlimited team members with varying permissions to build, run, manage, and analyze their campaigns through a single interface.

With Teams for Advertisers, you can allow team members to build and send campaigns across individual or many brands. They can also view the specific results of a single campaign or a brand’s entire campaign history. 

That’s not all, though! Team members can download delivery reports, air-checks, and analyze daily spend with our powerful analytics tools. With new folders and user permissions, you can add your entire team to your RedCircle account. Your staff can manage hundreds of campaigns for multiple brands from a single account with fine-grained controls over who on your team can view or edit campaigns. Whether you’re advertising on a single podcast or scaling to hundreds of ads, it’s never been easier to run a Host-Read Ad campaign on RedCircle!

If you’re a podcaster and looking to make more money with Host-Read Ads, then try RedCircle for Podcasters.

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