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How to Get the Most Out of Dynamic Insertion

Dynamic Insertion is an incredibly powerful tool. With it, you can insert your own promotions, call-to-actions, announcements, and more, all with the click of a few buttons! Most podcasters are familiar with our Dynamic Insertion Technology through their use of RAP (the RedCircle Ad Platform) but its capabilities go far beyond blending ads into your show. Our Dynamic Insertion Technology can help you increase your revenue, grow your show, and cultivate your audience. Let us show you how!

Maximize Your Revenue

Dynamic Insertion’s main purpose on RedCircle is to help you monetize your show. And this can be done in a myriad of ways including RAP, self-sourced campaign deals, and self-promotion, to name a few.

Utilizing Your Back Catalog

Did you know that a significant portion of your downloads can come from your back catalog? Most podcast hosts assume that their older episodes aren’t worth monetizing due to their age, but there’s ample opportunity to increase your revenue by placing ads on those episodes. Think about it! New listeners want to catch up on your show, so they cruise through the catalog. There’s an entire subset of folks actively listening to episodes you may have thought no longer have an impact.

Adding in the Default Ad Blocks to these older episodes can increase your revenue pretty significantly. Don’t underestimate the power of past episodes!

Updating Your Audio Blocks

If you’ve been hosting on RedCircle for a while, then you may not have had the chance to update your Audio Blocks to the newer Default ones. More specifically, updating your Mid-Roll Insertion Point from “Default Ad Block” to the “Default Mid-Roll Ad Block” as the latter one includes one more Audio Clip than the former. The “Default Ad Block” only has 2 Audio Clips while the newer Audio Block has 3 Audio Clips. Additionally, you’re able to add a fallback clip, which is an Audio Clip that plays should the desired Audio Clip not be available.

Periods of high advertising demand, such as the last few months of the year, are an excellent time to increase your inventory availability. Take advantage of the advertising boost to further increase your earnings.

Swapping these Audio Blocks will help to further increase your RAP revenue!

The key to maximize your revenue with RAP is to ensure your back catalog has Insertion Points with the Default Ad Audio Blocks assigned to them!

Need some help setting up ads? We’ve got you covered in our Help Center!

Grow Your Show

A vital task for any podcaster is, of course, growing their show. There are a multitude of ways to go about building a bigger audience such as guest starring on other shows, promoting your podcast on social media, networking with other podcasters, the list goes on! The key to growth is to put yourself out there, and RedCircle’s Dynamic Insertion Technology can help you to do so.

Cross Promote and Boost Your Pod

Our Cross-Promotions Marketplace makes it remarkably easy to run a promotional campaign for your show. You and your selected partner podcast can advocate for each other’s shows through a few simple clicks of your mouse. Record an ad highlighting the unique and compelling aspects of your podcast and have it be shared with a totally different audience. And what better way to connect with fellow podcasters than uplifting one another?

You can add the “Default Cross Promotion Block” anywhere in your show, though we do recommend placing it in either the Mid or Pre-Roll positions for the highest chance of it being heard.

Custom Audio for Self-Promotion

There’s nothing wrong with a li’l self-promotion! While social media is a good way to generate recognition, reviews are what really set podcasts apart from the noise. Our Custom Audio feature allows you to create any sort of audio that can be dynamically inserted into your podcast. You can use this feature to encourage your listeners to leave a comment or review for your show on their favorite listening platform. Reviews can help to entice potential listeners, especially those sitting on the fence!

The beauty of Custom Audio is the ability to quickly swap out audio files across your entire catalog with one click of a button. So, you can refresh your self-promotional content whenever you have new updates to share!

Connect with Your Community

Alongside growing your show, you can use Dynamic Insertion technology to further nurture the relationship with your audience. You can create special greetings for specific listeners each week, or announce live shows and meet-and-greets, or share timely information with your listeners. The possibilities are endless with Custom Audio!

For example, maybe a listener wants to advertise their business on your show or make a special announcement to a loved one. You could open up a slot for them in your show (either for free or for a fee!) and have their announcement play across all episodes for all of your listeners! It’s a truly magnificent way to make your fans feel like a real part of your show.

Dynamic Insertion Technology can go far beyond advertisements. You can customize your show in an inventive and exciting way! The power is in your hands!

Check out our Help article on all the ways you could use Dynamic Insertion.