Flexible Audio for Flexible Customization

Our engineers have been hard at work expanding Audio Block functionality and making it that much more powerful. We’re so pleased to announce yet another awesome update to our Dynamic Insertion tools. Flexible Audio Blocks allow you to fully customize your Dynamic Insertion experience.

What’s New?

Our previous update introduced the ability to create your very own Custom Audio Blocks (with Custom Audio clips!) This update pushes that concept further with the ability to completely customize all Audio Blocks in your library. Yes, you heard us right. All Audio Blocks in your library, including the new defaults.

With this update comes three new Default Audio Blocks; the Default Pre & Post Roll Ad Audio Block, the Default Mid Roll Ad Audio Block, and the Default Cross Promotion Block. Each of these default Audio Blocks can be changed in a multitude of ways. You can update the number of Audio Clip spots, add and/or remove both Default and Custom Audio clips, add Fallback Audio in case an assigned clip doesn’t play, and even change the play style!

Alongside the ability to edit Default Audio Blocks, you can now add the Default RedCircle Ad Audio clip to your own Custom Audio Blocks! Let’s say you have an intro to your show that you play on every single episode. Well, with Flexible Audio Blocks, you can add the Intro clip and the Default RedCircle Ad clip to the same Audio Block:

In the example above the Intro to your show would play, then an ad (either Programmatic or Host-Read) would play directly after, and finally, if you had a Cross-Promotion campaign active, your listeners would hear that!

What if you don’t have a Cross-Promotion but you want to fill the air instead of skip? Easy! Add a Fall Back Audio clip, like the Default RedCircle Ad clip, and that would play instead.

Discover the full potential of Audio Blocks and Dynamic Insertion in our Help Center.

One final note: We couldn’t have made this update without you! We took in all of your feedback and came back with an even more powerful tool. We truly hope you love it!