Special Guest: Leadership Coach Brian Rollo - Turning Failures Into Learning Opportunities

Episode 4
46m | Dec 28, 2022

Leaders can't lead a team if they can't lead themselves. 

Today I want to discuss a tough question. Leadership coach Brian Rollo joins me to discuss how leaders can't be great until they've learned how to lead themselves. To do that leaders should use the ACT Framework. Accountability, Communication and Trust. Once you've mastered this with yourself, you're then able to turn that framework to your team and be a great leader.

Time Stamps:

[1:15] - Instead of asking "how can I make my team better?" Ask yourself "how can I lead myself better?"

[3:40] - We meet Brian Rollo with a quick introduction of himself.

[4:55] - Brian discusses the two types of people that typically don't work out for any given organization.

[6:00] - Influential leadership is leading yourself and being self aware.

[7:30] - For successful leadership follow the Accountability, Communication and Trust Framework.

[9:00] - It's easy to hold other people accountable but it's hard to do the same for ourselves. 

[11:27] - Brian gives us some tips for how to know you're successfully leading yourself.

[15:11] - When people observe a CEO they get non-verbal messages on how to act.

[17:10] - Influence is the best way of leading a company. Not demanding things out of employees.

[19:10] - Leaders have to continue to invest time in learning how to lead themselves.

[21:30] - Team training is like a shower, it isn't a one and done thing. You have to make training a habit.

[24:00] - Being able to confide in other leaders is invaluable.

[25:00] - As a leader, you can't just flip a switch to get your team to trust you. You have to gain trust person by person.

[28:00] - Everyone has their own root system that influences their judgment of leaders.

[30:15] - The consequences of not leading yourself will show in the success of your organization.

[33:30] - Brian tells the most tragic story of a leadership fail he's encountered.

[36:20] - We hear about a time when Brian made a mistake as a leader and lost a valuable employee and work friend.

[39:00] - Poor leadership has a trickle down effect.

[41:50] - Brian recounts a positive success story he's encountered.


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