Overcoming Perfectionism as a Leader

Episode 16
28m | Sep 13, 2023

"You're not a perfectionist. You're insecure about how your best effort will be received." 

After a summer break, Bo is running solo to share one of his recent leadership struggles as an accidental leader. These struggles almost caused the end of the Accidental Leader Podcast. Listen in for a transparent and vulnerable conversation where Bo discusses his struggles with stoicism and relearning some things he's spent a lot of time learning.

Time Stamps:

[2:00] - Bo shares a quote that he needed to hear.

[6:11] - What do Bo's current and former employees say about the podcast?

[8:06] - Stoicism is something Bo's been struggling with.

[11:45] - Downtown Liberty, South Carolina, has become a passion project.

[16:06] - Learning to accept what's out of our control is important.

[19:20] - You will lose your peace and happiness if you try to control things out of your control.

[22:23] - Bo tells a story about when his flight was delayed.

[25:00] - The only things we have control over are the goals we set ourselves.

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