• You can't step into the same river twice

    "No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river and he's not the same man." This quote from Heraclitus illustrates that in both life and business you can't go back. You can only go forward.

    Today, I discuss my recent trip to my hometown of Binghamton, New York and how it reminded me of that Heraclitus quote. It made me consider a series of "what-ifs" and helped me gain clarity about the river I stand in today.

    Time Stamps:

    [2:18] - Bo tells a story that illustrates how in business you can't go back.

    [3:30] -  Remembering his first radio job, Bo tells stories about some former listeners.

    [6:00] - During a recent trip back to his hometown of Binghamton, New York Bo noticed how much things have changed.

    [9:30] - His trip back home made Bo consider a series of "what-ifs".

    [12:00] - Where would Bo's team be had he never left Binghamton?

    [14:30] - Bo recites Garth Brooks lyrics.

    [16:30] - Sometimes memories are better left as memories.

    17m | Mar 23, 2023
  • Overcoming your "can't" with Special Guest: James McBride

    "Can't never did a thing." Every time we use the word "can't" we've already ruled out the possibilities of what we can and can't do. When we say "can't" we've already failed.

    Today, CEO of Lion's Share Credit Union, James McBride joins me to discuss how his diagnosis of cerebral palsy set him up for a life of not letting other people's perceived limitations become actual limitations. He's never let anyone tell him what he can't do and today, he instills that mindset into the employees he leads. 

    Time Stamps:

    [1:00] - Bo recounts a story about how his kindergarten teacher fostered his creativity.

    [4:00] - James doesn't let other people's perceived limitations affect how he lives his life.

    [8:45] - Being a rebel is how James has accomplished what he has. When he was told he couldn't do something he set out to prove them wrong.

    [10:10] - Perfection isn't what's important, it's the pursuit of perfection that matters.

    [12:05] - No one but you can decide what you can't do.

    [15:05] - When James joined Lion's Share, the first thing he wanted to do was meet each employee and understand them as individuals.

    [18:30] - As a new CEO, building trust is the key.

    [22:00] - Making tough discussions is the unfortunate job of all leaders.

    [24:30] - It's challenging to know when it's the right time to give bad news.

    [28:00] - Once a tough discussion is made, it's like a sigh of relief.

    [30:02] - Invest in people while they're with you, not because they're with you.

    [33:00] - James shouts out his leadership mentor.

    [37:40] - Making your employees make their own decisions helps them grow.

    [40:00] - "Can't" is oftentimes just a different way of saying you don't want to do the work.


    Be 2.0 by Jim Collins and William Lazier

    41m | Feb 22, 2023
  • Leadership and Mental Health with special guest Paul Gaumer

    Leadership and mental health isn't talked about often. It's uncomfortable and people often don't want to acknowledge it out of fear of it being perceived as a weakness. But when a leader is struggling with their mental health it's not a weakness.

    Today, author Paul Gaumer joins me to discuss his experience struggling with his mental health. Paul is the COO of an Illinois Credit Union. Today, he describes how he pushes through when his Bipolar disorder is causing him to experience severe self-doubt.

    Time Stamps:

    [2:46] - Bo tells a little known story about Abraham Lincoln's mental health.

    [7:00] - Paul introduces himself and recounts his past experiences with his mental health.

    [10:05] - When Paul was at his lowest, he started going to church and thought everything was going to be better.

    [11:50] - Every morning Paul wakes up with self doubt.

    [14:30] - Looking back at everything his credit union had accomplished helps Paul quiet his self doubt. 

    [15:40] - Bo has two Johns who shaped his leadership and Paul has two Toms.

    [18:33] - Paul tells a story about how he met his first Tom.

    [21:40] - A good leader always reassures their employees that they deserve to have the job they have.

    [22:30] - We hear about Paul's second Tom.

    [25:20] - Leading by intimidation and deception is a recipe for unhappy employees. 

    [28:00] - Taking the time to get to know your employees is essential.

    [32:43] - To be a good leader, you have to be willing to listen.

    [37:31] - Paul recounts a story highlighting how to help someone struggling with their mental health.

    [40:00] - The days of heavy handed leadership are gone.


    Walk with the Light in the Shadows by Paul Gaumer

    47m | Feb 8, 2023
  • "How did I grow into becoming a great (accidental) leader?" Guest - Jennifer Pham

    No leader's path is the same. But all leaders have certain things in common, authenticity, kindness and honesty just to name a few.

    Today, Jennifer Pham joins me to discuss her journey from a junior graphic designer to a Vice President at Your Marketing Company. Going from a team member who barely spoke in meetings to a true leader, Jennifer is the true definition of an accidental leader.

    Time Stamps:

    [2:30] - Jennifer Pham joins Bo and explains how she joined Your Marketing Company.

    [7:20] - She never really wanted to become a leader, Jennifer describes how she learned what a true leader is.

    [9:00] - Good communication is the key to being an effective leader.

    [11:30] - Understanding yourself is the key to being a good leader.

    [14:00] - People really remember when they've worked with a bad leader.

    [17:08] - The hardest part about being a leader for Jennifer, is when she has to fire people.

    [19:36] - Letting people go from a company never gets easier.

    [22:05] - When you're a leader, especially an accidental leader, it's progress over perfection.

    [25:00] - A lot of times, leaders talk themselves out of things. It's important to trust your gut.

    [27:55] - If your people succeed then you succeed.


    Ego is the Enemy by Ryan Holiday

    The Gift of Fear by Gavin de Baker

    31m | Jan 25, 2023
  • Finding balance in your leadership life with Special Guest: Jason Vitug

    Money is a resource we focus a lot on as leaders and profit isn't something we should be ashamed of. But sometimes profits aren't everything, we also have to take care of ourselves physically, emotionally and mentally.

    Today, author and entrepreneur, Jason Vitug joins me to discuss his career path from cleaning airport toilets to being a high level VP at a credit union to becoming an accidental entrepreneur. He talks about the moment he knew he needed to set more boundaries around his work life for a healthier life.

    Time Stamps:

    [2:00] - If you're making a lot of money, but don't have time to enjoy it. Why bother?

    [5:28] - Jason introduces himself and recounts his journey as an accidental entrepreneur.

    [7:20] - The entrepreneur life isn't for everyone and there isn't anything wrong with a traditional 9 to 5 job.

    [9:50] - No one can tell you when or if you'll be satisfied with your work life. 

    [11:00] - When Jason started getting physically ill he knew it was time to re-evaluate his work life.

    [14:30] - It's really important for us to set realistic boundaries at work.

    [18:00] - When setting boundaries, don't be too rigid.

    [20:40] - You don't want to set a financial goal that takes you away from the way you want to live your life.

    [24:30] - When we're present in the moment, that's when we can build the life we truly want.

    [27:14] - Gears that grind too long get worn down and thrown out. It's the same with people.

    [32:09] - Everyone is very unique. No one's journey is the same.

    [33:15] - Passion is a combination of your time and resources.

    [36:00] - You make much better choices when you want to do something instead of when you have to do something.

     [40:00] - Money can buy happiness when we spend it on wellness.


    Happy Money Happy Life: A Multidimensional Approach to Health, Wealth, and Freedom by Jason Vitug

    You Only Live Once: The Roadmap to Financial Wellness and a Purposeful Life

    Jason on Twitter

    Jason on Instagram

    43m | Jan 11, 2023
  • Special Guest: Leadership Coach Brian Rollo - Turning Failures Into Learning Opportunities

    Leaders can't lead a team if they can't lead themselves. 

    Today I want to discuss a tough question. Leadership coach Brian Rollo joins me to discuss how leaders can't be great until they've learned how to lead themselves. To do that leaders should use the ACT Framework. Accountability, Communication and Trust. Once you've mastered this with yourself, you're then able to turn that framework to your team and be a great leader.

    Time Stamps:

    [1:15] - Instead of asking "how can I make my team better?" Ask yourself "how can I lead myself better?"

    [3:40] - We meet Brian Rollo with a quick introduction of himself.

    [4:55] - Brian discusses the two types of people that typically don't work out for any given organization.

    [6:00] - Influential leadership is leading yourself and being self aware.

    [7:30] - For successful leadership follow the Accountability, Communication and Trust Framework.

    [9:00] - It's easy to hold other people accountable but it's hard to do the same for ourselves. 

    [11:27] - Brian gives us some tips for how to know you're successfully leading yourself.

    [15:11] - When people observe a CEO they get non-verbal messages on how to act.

    [17:10] - Influence is the best way of leading a company. Not demanding things out of employees.

    [19:10] - Leaders have to continue to invest time in learning how to lead themselves.

    [21:30] - Team training is like a shower, it isn't a one and done thing. You have to make training a habit.

    [24:00] - Being able to confide in other leaders is invaluable.

    [25:00] - As a leader, you can't just flip a switch to get your team to trust you. You have to gain trust person by person.

    [28:00] - Everyone has their own root system that influences their judgment of leaders.

    [30:15] - The consequences of not leading yourself will show in the success of your organization.

    [33:30] - Brian tells the most tragic story of a leadership fail he's encountered.

    [36:20] - We hear about a time when Brian made a mistake as a leader and lost a valuable employee and work friend.

    [39:00] - Poor leadership has a trickle down effect.

    [41:50] - Brian recounts a positive success story he's encountered.


    Brian Rollo Consulting Company

    Ego Is the Enemy by Ryan Holiday

    DiSC Profile

    46m | Dec 28, 2022
  • Special Guest: Author and Speaker Ash Davis - Finding Joy In Our Journey

    Time. It's simple but it is so important. Leaders have the unique ability to control their time. That's why it's so important to replace 'I didn't have time' to 'that project wasn't a priority'. Then sit back and reflect on what else you prioritized instead. Then reflect on whether you truly have your priorities straight.

    On today's episode, author and speaker Ash Davis joins host Bo McDonald. With failing health, Ash's father decided he wanted to write letters to various people who played important roles in his life. Those letters were eventually turned into Ash's book, A Life Through Letters. Today, Ash discusses the importance of time and finding out what priorities are important.

    Time Stamps:

    [1:25] - Leaders have the unique ability to be able to control their time.

    [2:00] - Instead of saying "I didn't have time" say "that wasn't a priority" then reflect on what you did instead.

    [5:20] - Ash introduces himself and tells us about his professional background.

    [7:00] - Bo recounts how he and Ash met.

    [8:00] - With his health failing and wanting to recap his life, Ash's father wrote letters to various people in his life.

    [14:00] - Young leaders should find people who speak the truth even when they don't want to hear it.

    [14:20] - The first letter in Ash's book, A Life Through Letters, is to a man nicknamed Stone Man.

    [17:00] - A lesson about empathy can be learned from the letter to the Stone Man.

    [19:30] - As we all age our perspective of each other changes.

    [21:31] - Ash reflects on which letter from his book is his favorite.

    [25:00] - Many readers have told Ash that his book has inspired them to write letters to people in their life.

    [28:15] - In a digital world, writing a letter can seem so permanent and the fear of making a mistake can scare people into not starting. 

    [32:42] Ash wraps up with how to find him online.


    A Life Through Letters by Ash Davis

    Ash's website: A Life Through Letters

    Ash's Ted Talk: The Power of Written Communication in a Technological Age

    37m | Dec 14, 2022
  • The best leader I ever worked for

    Being passionately curious and taking risks are just two of the key lessons that John Davison, Program Director at WHWK taught me when I was a teenager. I've carried those lessons and so many more with me throughout my entire journey as an accidental leader.

    Today, I wish I could have John on the show with me but due to scheduling conflicts, it's not possible. Instead, you'll hear me share some of the lessons John taught me about being a leader.

    Time Stamps:

    [1:00] - Change of plans. Due to a scheduling conflict John Davison won't be joining Bo today.

    [4:45] - Why did John hire 15-year-old Bo and put him on the air?

    [7:09] - Bo recounts how John took time out of his day to teach him the skills he needed.

    [8:00] - We hear about all the people that John mentored over the years.

    [11:08] - You can come up with the best business plan ever, but it takes people to build it.

    [13:50] - It's important to hire other leaders who are people people.

    [14:30] - Listening to your team members and keeping an open mind about honest feedback makes you a better leader.

    [17:15] - When a team member brings you a problem. Ask them to come with a solution.

    [18:02] - The importance of being passionately curious.

    [21:15] - Bo remembers a time when John was looking towards the future and took a risk to stand out.

    [24:43] - John was a quiet leader – the anti-Steve Jobs.

    [26:10] - Take risks and invest time on people you see high potential in.


    DiSC Profile

    Chris Locurto

    31m | Nov 30, 2022
  • What IS an Accidental Leader?

    What in the world is an accidental leader? In short, it’s anyone who finds themselves in a leadership role when they never had plans of being a leader. They never expected or maybe never even wanted to become a leader. And now, they have to make the best of it. 

    When people are thrust into these positions they’ve had no formal leadership training so they have to rely on their root systems.

    Root systems are developed over time. It’s developed by every leader you’ve worked or lived under. Your parents, grandparents, teachers, coaches, managers and bosses. Whether you realize it or not, they shape the way you approach being a leader. For the good and the bad.

    Being an accidental leader is all about adapting and learning from your mistakes. When a certain approach isn’t working all you have to do is dig into your root system and try a new approach. 

    Time Stamps:

    [00:45] - We learn what to expect from The Accidental Leader Podcast.

    [2:35] - What in the world is an accidental leader?

    [3:26] - Bo explains what a leader’s root system is.

    [5:14] - We hear about Bo’s first job as a radio DJ.

    [7:00] - After seeing what radio sales people were driving, Bo decided to switch to sales.

    [8:50] - The tale of two Johns. We learn about the first man named John who shaped Bo’s leadership style.

    [11:00] - Bo discusses his first confrontation with John.

    [13:00] - After approaching leadership roles like the second John, Bo wasn’t seeing the results he expected.

    [14:20] - Chris Locurto helped turn Bo’s leadership style around.

    [17:12] - What steps did Bo take to become a better leader?

    [19:44] - When you get free advice, take it.

    [22:05] - What would John do? Bo realizes his first boss was the leader he wanted to be like.

    [24:45] - Go to the concert was the best advice Bo had ever heard.

    [25:00] - Bo gives us a list of questions to ask ourselves to become better leaders.


    Chris Locurto

    Robbie Vitrano


    29m | Nov 16, 2022
The Accidental Leader