Leadership and Mental Health with special guest Paul Gaumer

Episode 7
47m | Feb 8, 2023

Leadership and mental health isn't talked about often. It's uncomfortable and people often don't want to acknowledge it out of fear of it being perceived as a weakness. But when a leader is struggling with their mental health it's not a weakness.

Today, author Paul Gaumer joins me to discuss his experience struggling with his mental health. Paul is the COO of an Illinois Credit Union. Today, he describes how he pushes through when his Bipolar disorder is causing him to experience severe self-doubt.

Time Stamps:

[2:46] - Bo tells a little known story about Abraham Lincoln's mental health.

[7:00] - Paul introduces himself and recounts his past experiences with his mental health.

[10:05] - When Paul was at his lowest, he started going to church and thought everything was going to be better.

[11:50] - Every morning Paul wakes up with self doubt.

[14:30] - Looking back at everything his credit union had accomplished helps Paul quiet his self doubt. 

[15:40] - Bo has two Johns who shaped his leadership and Paul has two Toms.

[18:33] - Paul tells a story about how he met his first Tom.

[21:40] - A good leader always reassures their employees that they deserve to have the job they have.

[22:30] - We hear about Paul's second Tom.

[25:20] - Leading by intimidation and deception is a recipe for unhappy employees. 

[28:00] - Taking the time to get to know your employees is essential.

[32:43] - To be a good leader, you have to be willing to listen.

[37:31] - Paul recounts a story highlighting how to help someone struggling with their mental health.

[40:00] - The days of heavy handed leadership are gone.


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