Lead AND get out of the way

Episode 17
38m | Sep 20, 2023

A lot of times, founders adopt a mindsight of "my way or the highway". But one of the best things they can do is get out of the way.

Randy Smith, the Co-Founder of CUInsight, joins me to have a candid conversation about how he went from a brokerage to owning his own marketing company. Randy shares how he was able to get out of his employees' way and let them succeed outside of his vision for success. 

Time Stamps:

[2:15] - Randy discusses how CUInsight started as a side hustle.

[6:25] - Not many people like change, but Randy is one of them.

[9:45] - There was a lot of fear for Randy when he changed his career.

[13:14] - Randy had no idea what to expect from CUInsight.

[15:36] - Leaders in Randy's past weren't the type of leader he wanted to be.

[18:19] - Getting out of the way of your team's progress is essential to a successful business.

[22:41] - Empowering your employees is a sign of success as a leader.

[24:44] - There are no bad data points.

[27:00] - Active listening is where Randy sees the most improvement.

[29:30] - Entrepreneurs hire six months too late.

[32:15] - If you're not growing, you're dying.

[34:40] - Urgent and important aren't synonyms.

[36:50] - We create the space and time that we want.


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