Getting Over the fear with Guest Evan Leaphart

34m | Jun 7, 2023

Pushing yourself outside your comfort zone is essential to being a leader.

Today, I get over my fear and step outside my comfort zone to interview Evan Leaphart, someone I don't know very well. Evan is the Founder of Kiddie Kredit and the Co-Founder of the Black Men Talk Tech Conference. We have a [something] discussion about Evan's entrepreneurial journey filled with ups and downs. 

Time Stamps:

[3:08] - Evan introduces himself.

[5:30] - Inspired by his own "financial ruin," Evan created Kiddie Kredit.

[7:12] - Learning from people smarter than you and always taking feedback is the key to success.

[9:20] - Fear is always going to be there.

[12:18] - There's a lot of value in the middle.

[13:20] - Evan discusses the impact his father had on him.

[16:56] - Evan's Mount Rushmore of leaders.

[21:16] - People who bridge gaps are who Evan admires the most. 

[24:42] - No one's perfect.

[26:20] - Staying true to his vision is how Evan has been successful. 

[30:00] - Evan gives his advice to fellow accidental leaders.

Find Evan Online:

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