Replacing the lies that hold you back with truths that push you forward with Guest Amber Harsin

Episode 15
43m | Jun 28, 2023

Everyone tells themselves lies. These lies hold us back. Having the strength to push forward with truths is essential.

Today, I'm joined by Amber Harsin. Amber is the CEO at Prodigy. We have an eye-opening discussion about the lies Amber had told herself throughout her journey to leadership. She talks about how her attitude shifted from just wanting a seat at the table while not being the head of the table to being a CEO of a company. 

Time Stamps:

[2:40] - Amber introduces herself.

[7:50] - When she was in High School, Amber never imagined she'd become a CEO.

[9:40] - Lean into the fear and try it.

[12:00] - Trust the people you know love you about the lies you tell yourself.

[15:40] - There's more to being a leader than having a degree.

[19:00] - Karen recounts how she became a leader.

[23:13] - When you're a leader, you have to be able to take risks.

[29:00] - Don't avoid risk. Manage it.

[31:30] - Karen remembers a specific polarizing leader who helped shape her as a leader.

[37:09] - Finding a balance between work and life is essential

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The Accidental Leader