Overcoming your "can't" with Special Guest: James McBride

Episode 8
41m | Feb 22, 2023

"Can't never did a thing." Every time we use the word "can't" we've already ruled out the possibilities of what we can and can't do. When we say "can't" we've already failed.

Today, CEO of Lion's Share Credit Union, James McBride joins me to discuss how his diagnosis of cerebral palsy set him up for a life of not letting other people's perceived limitations become actual limitations. He's never let anyone tell him what he can't do and today, he instills that mindset into the employees he leads. 

Time Stamps:

[1:00] - Bo recounts a story about how his kindergarten teacher fostered his creativity.

[4:00] - James doesn't let other people's perceived limitations affect how he lives his life.

[8:45] - Being a rebel is how James has accomplished what he has. When he was told he couldn't do something he set out to prove them wrong.

[10:10] - Perfection isn't what's important, it's the pursuit of perfection that matters.

[12:05] - No one but you can decide what you can't do.

[15:05] - When James joined Lion's Share, the first thing he wanted to do was meet each employee and understand them as individuals.

[18:30] - As a new CEO, building trust is the key.

[22:00] - Making tough discussions is the unfortunate job of all leaders.

[24:30] - It's challenging to know when it's the right time to give bad news.

[28:00] - Once a tough discussion is made, it's like a sigh of relief.

[30:02] - Invest in people while they're with you, not because they're with you.

[33:00] - James shouts out his leadership mentor.

[37:40] - Making your employees make their own decisions helps them grow.

[40:00] - "Can't" is oftentimes just a different way of saying you don't want to do the work.


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