"How did I grow into becoming a great (accidental) leader?" Guest - Jennifer Pham

Episode 6
31m | Jan 25, 2023

No leader's path is the same. But all leaders have certain things in common, authenticity, kindness and honesty just to name a few.

Today, Jennifer Pham joins me to discuss her journey from a junior graphic designer to a Vice President at Your Marketing Company. Going from a team member who barely spoke in meetings to a true leader, Jennifer is the true definition of an accidental leader.

Time Stamps:

[2:30] - Jennifer Pham joins Bo and explains how she joined Your Marketing Company.

[7:20] - She never really wanted to become a leader, Jennifer describes how she learned what a true leader is.

[9:00] - Good communication is the key to being an effective leader.

[11:30] - Understanding yourself is the key to being a good leader.

[14:00] - People really remember when they've worked with a bad leader.

[17:08] - The hardest part about being a leader for Jennifer, is when she has to fire people.

[19:36] - Letting people go from a company never gets easier.

[22:05] - When you're a leader, especially an accidental leader, it's progress over perfection.

[25:00] - A lot of times, leaders talk themselves out of things. It's important to trust your gut.

[27:55] - If your people succeed then you succeed.


Ego is the Enemy by Ryan Holiday

The Gift of Fear by Gavin de Baker

The Accidental Leader