What is your "root system?"

Episode 13
18m | May 17, 2023

A leader's root system is what makes them the leader they are today. Our root systems tell us what to do, how to react, communicate, and think about things. It's not a choice. It's how we were taught.

Today, I'm flying solo to discuss in-depth what a root system is. I get vulnerable and share a specific instance in my life that played a major role in negatively shaping the way I saw myself. And I detail what it took to stop seeing myself in that negative light.

Time Stamps:

[1:00] - Bo is flying solo for this episode.

[2:30] - Your root system is like wine.

[6:00] - Bo talks about a moment that shaped who he is.

[9:12] - Sometimes, you need to get out of your head.

[11:23] - Bo wonders what it would be like if he hadn't experienced a specific trauma.

[14:14] - Our root system tells us what to do.

[15:20] - What issue do you wish you could be better at?

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