Making tough decisions for life balance as a leader with special guest James Robert Lay

45m | Apr 26, 2023

Fear of change is a part of being an accidental leader. And if we're not faced with change and fear, there's probably a problem.

Today, I'm joined by James Robert Lay, CEO of Digital Growth Institute. We have a free flow conversation about the fear of change, letting go of bad habits to grow and how to trust ourselves. We talk about the importance of executive coaching, therapy and putting in a lot of uncomfortable work to become better leaders and people.    

Time Stamps:

[2:30] - Bo introduces James.

[3:30] - James talks about going from a punk rock band to a CEO.

[7:02] - The fear of the unknown precedes the fear of change.

[10:13] - You have to lead yourself before you can lead others.

[14:04] - As a leader, you need to be able to trust yourself before you can trust others.

[18:38] - Working with new coaches helps give different perspectives.

[21:30] - James defines what perspective means to him.

[25:00] - When it comes to coaching a lot of people get sticker shock.

[28:20] - Making pros and cons lists helps put you into perspective.

[30:35] - You have to let go of things to grow.

[33:43] - Being non-committal is a recipe for failure.

[37:14] - It's important to be comfortable being uncomfortable.

[40:09] - Eight years before writing his first books, James laughed at the idea of writing a book.

[42:28] - Accidental leaders need to have faith in themselves.


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Banking on Digital Growth: The Strategic Marketing Manifesto to Transform Financial Brands by James Robert Lay 

The Obstacle Is the Way: The Timeless Art of Turning Trials into Triumph by Ryan Holiday 

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