Learning to lead yourself

43m | Apr 12, 2023

To be a great leader, you first have to lead yourself. You have to focus on yourself as a person and understand your traumas and your past.

Today, I'm joined by Mary Jane Walsh, life coach and business coach from New Orleans. We have a candid conversation about coaching sessions with Mary Jane. We detail how Mary Jane was able to dig deep and ask thought provoking questions to help me grow as a leader but more importantly, a person.  

Time Stamps:

[1:45] - Bo introduces Mary Jane

[2:30] - When coaching someone Mary Jane treats her clients the way she'd like to be supported.

[4:00] - Mary Jane pushed her clients to ask themselves the hard questions.

[5:45] - Her clients always worry that Mary Jane isn't an expert in their industry.

[6:30] - Coaching isn't for people who need it, it's for people who want it.

[9:45] - Bo gets candid about his time working with Mary Jane.

[15:00] - Coaching with Mary Jane has given Bo perspective of his past.

[19:15] - Mary Jane discusses some of Bo's triggers.

[23:16] - Coaching is about fixing the problem, not the symptom.

[27:40] - Bo and Mary Jane discuss how she works with his team of leaders.

[30:30] - Mary Jane describes how she went from a chef to a life coach.

[35:15] - Athletes are some of Mary Jane's clients.

[40:00] - We often tell ourselves lies so we can stay complacent.


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