When your ego is your enemy

46m | May 10, 2023

When new leaders come into an organization, it can cause a lot of fear. It's important to keep your head down and worry about what you can control.

Today, I'm joined by Bob Quick, a Director of Radio Partnerships & Traffic at Motor Radio Network. Bob has been through numerous acquisitions in various companies he's worked for. He shares what he did to get through each one and the leaders that helped him. We also share a few laughs as Bob recounts his career path and our shared time in radio.   

Time Stamps:

[2:26] - Bo recounts the importance of thanking those who impacted your life.

[4:20] - Bob introduces himself.

[7:00] - The Motor Radio Network combines two of Bob's passions.

[9:30] - The sitcom, WKRP in Cincinnati, inspired Bob to get into radio.

[12:00] - Bob relates how he ended up in North Carolina working at his dream job.

[15:00] - Having a good support system is everything.

[17:05] - Bo and Bob share a laugh about their old boss.

[19:08] - When an organization is sold, it can cause a lot of fear.

[21:13] - Getting a job with someone else creates a bond.

[24:44] - Being empathetic is essential to being a leader.

[27:09] - For leaders, sometimes it's best to give employees the tools they need to succeed and get out of the way.

[31:20] - Few people say they want to grow up to lead people.

[35:15] - Not everyone who's good at their job is the right person for a leadership position.

[37:00] - Bob recalls what it was like leading Bo.

[40:13] - Bo remembers when his ego was out of control.

[43:10] - Finding a mentor is the key to being a better leader.


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