Special Guest: Author and Speaker Ash Davis - Finding Joy In Our Journey

Episode 3
37m | Dec 14, 2022

Time. It's simple but it is so important. Leaders have the unique ability to control their time. That's why it's so important to replace 'I didn't have time' to 'that project wasn't a priority'. Then sit back and reflect on what else you prioritized instead. Then reflect on whether you truly have your priorities straight.

On today's episode, author and speaker Ash Davis joins host Bo McDonald. With failing health, Ash's father decided he wanted to write letters to various people who played important roles in his life. Those letters were eventually turned into Ash's book, A Life Through Letters. Today, Ash discusses the importance of time and finding out what priorities are important.

Time Stamps:

[1:25] - Leaders have the unique ability to be able to control their time.

[2:00] - Instead of saying "I didn't have time" say "that wasn't a priority" then reflect on what you did instead.

[5:20] - Ash introduces himself and tells us about his professional background.

[7:00] - Bo recounts how he and Ash met.

[8:00] - With his health failing and wanting to recap his life, Ash's father wrote letters to various people in his life.

[14:00] - Young leaders should find people who speak the truth even when they don't want to hear it.

[14:20] - The first letter in Ash's book, A Life Through Letters, is to a man nicknamed Stone Man.

[17:00] - A lesson about empathy can be learned from the letter to the Stone Man.

[19:30] - As we all age our perspective of each other changes.

[21:31] - Ash reflects on which letter from his book is his favorite.

[25:00] - Many readers have told Ash that his book has inspired them to write letters to people in their life.

[28:15] - In a digital world, writing a letter can seem so permanent and the fear of making a mistake can scare people into not starting. 

[32:42] Ash wraps up with how to find him online.


A Life Through Letters by Ash Davis

Ash's website: A Life Through Letters

Ash's Ted Talk: The Power of Written Communication in a Technological Age

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