Podcast Advertising

Why You Should Run This Type of Campaign

Podcast advertising can take many forms: Programmatic, Host-Read, sponsored episodes, and more. But did you know there are different subtypes even within those differing kinds of advertising? Platforms like RedCircle allow advertisers to isolate specific episodes for an even more targeted campaign. These types of campaigns are known as “Recent Episodes Only” campaigns, or faked-ins, on RedCircle.

Different Ways to Run Ads

Advertisers have a few different options when it comes to running ads on podcasts. You can opt for pre-recorded Programmatic ads, partner with a podcast host themselves to read a custom ad, or even have an entire episode dedicated to your brand. 

Each of these types of advertisements comes with its own set of pros and cons. See our blog article on the different types of ad formats for even deeper insights on each type.

The addition of dynamic insertion allows advertisers to run campaigns in brand new ways! Instead of having your ad live forever on a podcast’s episodes (and watch them age with time), you can have your advertisements dynamically inserted into several podcasts all at the same time with little work on your end!

In the early days of podcast advertising, advertisers would purchase permanent spots in a podcast’s episodes. This was known as “baked-in ads”, meaning the ads were added in to the raw audio of the podcast. This type of advertising is pretty familiar to most advertisers. 

Dynamic insertion allows advertisers to place a single ad across multiple episodes and even multiple shows – all at once. At RedCircle, our dynamic insertion enables advertisers to easily set up one campaign across several shows with only a few clicks of a button. Easy!

The beauty of dynamic insertion is the ability to completely customize campaigns. One customization is to limit advertising campaigns to the most recent episodes of a podcast. Nicknamed “faked-in ads”, these type of ads mimic the behavior of the familiar baked-in ad.

The Benefits of “Recent Episodes Only” Campaigns

Here at RedCircle, we grant our advertisers the ability to limit their campaigns to the most recent episodes. Typically with this style, 80% or more of the impressions end up running on the episodes that were released during the week of the download. So in many ways, it mimics the behavior of a typical “baked-in” ad, but is flighted differently.

Podcast episodes have the highest amount of downloads within the first few days of their release. Campaigns that run only on the most recent episodes capitalize on these spikes in downloads. They capture the attention of the most engaged listeners at the most relevant time.

Campaigns limited to “Recent Episodes Only” are the best of both worlds; combining the ease of dynamic insertion with the timeliness of “baked-in” ads. A true win-win!

How It Works on RedCircle

For advertisers utilizing RedCircle, deciding how a campaign runs is as easy as checking a box.

That’s all it takes! Once you decide that you want to run a “Recent Episodes Only” campaign all you need to do is mark the check box. We’ll take care of the rest for you.

Our system then inserts your advertisement on episodes that are published within 30 days of your campaign start. So, for example, if you ran a 30-day “Recent Episodes Only” campaign starting on July 1st, then the campaign would begin inserting on July 1st and stop inserting on July 31st. Your ad would only be inserted on episodes released after June 1st. 

You can add multiple shows to your campaign and have them run on all those podcasts’ most recent episodes. Allowing you to take advantage of the download spike that occurs for new episodes.

Different advertising techniques have different advantages. What’s great about dynamic insertion, especially at RedCircle, is the ability to employ all of those techniques and reap their benefits.

If all that sounds like a dream, then why not give RedCircle a chance? Sign up today and start your first campaign!