Podcasting Tips

Leverage Your Analytics for Growth

Analytics can tell you more than just how well your show is performing, it can also help inform you on the behavior of your audience and how to use that data to grow your show to new heights.

But what data exactly helps tell you if you’re on the right track?

What episodes are catching the ears of your listeners?

The first bit of data is understanding what resonates best with your audience. The higher the downloads for a specific episode, the more likely it is that it caught the attention of your audience in a way that the other episodes did not. If you’re on RedCircle, then you can view performance of recent episodes and even the Top 5 Episodes (and more!) for a specific time range, giving you plenty of insight into what’s popular with your listeners.

This can help inform if you should invite specific guests on to your show or topics that really got to the heart of your listeners’ interests.

Or, maybe you posted those most popular episodes on social media and you’re seeing the reward in the downloads. That can help to encourage you to post more on your social media channels, and maybe even create new channels for distribution!

Pay attention to the spikes in your downloads to understand what in the episode, or even your own choices, led to growth. And then keep doing it!

How are your listeners behaving?

Now that you know what’s catching the attention of your audience, you can figure out when to reach their ears.

Analytics like Download Time of Day can help you to figure out the perfect time to post a new episode. Maybe your listeners like to tune in on their way to work, or on the commute back. Or maybe they like to listen when exercising to motivate themselves or when they’re relaxing at lunch and want to give themselves a break. Figuring out when they’re looking to listen is a great way to build an audience and keep them hooked.

Alongside figuring out the time of day they tune in, you can see where in the world they’re listening from with Geolocation Performance. Knowing where a large amount of your audience is located can help to grow your show monetarily. You can create a partnership with local businesses to run ads with Custom Dynamic Insertion. And you could even host live events where your audience can come and engage with you in real life.

Finally, you can see how most of your listeners are engaging with your show by checking out what Listening App and Device/OS they’re using. Use this data to ensure that you’re reaching your audience in the way they prefer. Don’t make them find you, you find them!

Analytics can be one key of many that helps to grow your podcast. It can help you to understand what works with your audience and how best to reach them.

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