Podcast Advertising

Running Multiple Campaigns on RedCircle

The beauty of Dynamic Insertion technology is the ability to run multiple campaigns all at once. You’re no longer forced to choose between two great deals; you can have your cake and eat it, too! Understanding how to manage multiple campaigns for your podcast can help you to maximize your revenue.

Remember the Campaign Requirements

The first thing to keep in mind are the requirements for a campaign. If you have a few different offers, be sure to check the requirements for each campaign to ensure you’ll be able to meet all the requirements. This doesn’t mean that you should only select one of the campaigns if they have the same requirements, though. It’s more to help you understand your available inventory. You can, and should, always select as many campaigns as you can manage!

Campaign Timeline

We’re going to focus on Pacing and End Dates. A campaign with “no pacing” means that the ad will be inserted at every possible opportunity. This typically causes campaigns to move a bit faster. A campaign with “even pacing” means the ad is inserted across the entire campaign evenly. The ad may not be heard in every available spot as it’s evenly distributed throughout the campaign timeline.

A campaign with a “soft” end date continues past the expected end date until the budget is spent. A campaign with a “hard” end date stops on a specific date whether it has fully delivered its downloads or not.

Advertisement Details

We’ll focus on Ad Placement and Ad Distribution. An ad can be placed in any three positions: Pre-Roll, Mid-Roll, and Post-Roll. In the example above, there are two spots listed. This doesn’t mean that the ad is required to be in both the Pre-Roll and Mid-Roll, though. It just means that the ad needs to be placed in either the Pre-Roll or Mid-Roll position. Whatever works the best for you!

Your Brand partner has the option to distribute across all your episodes or just the most recent ones. Ads that are distributed across your entire catalog don’t require you to update your podcast with new episodes frequently. However, an ad that is “recent episodes only” does require you to maintain a frequent posting schedule to meet fulfillment.

Of course, your Brand partner might have some content requirements for you to fill. Be sure to read the Upload & Submit Advertisement pop-up when adding your audio so you don’t miss anything!

How Dynamic Insertion Juggles Multiple Campaigns

The algorithm that determines what ad plays where is a bit complicated. But, to put it in accessible terms, it will always insert the ad that is the most beneficial at that moment. So, if you have multiple campaigns running at the same time, then our algorithm will weigh several factors including the type of campaign, the requirements, the pacing, and more to insert the most optimal ad.

Our system does its best to ensure that every ad read has its time to shine! Check out this article for an even deeper look at how ads are prioritized for your audience.

Here’s How Many Ad Spots You Should Have

A question that pops up into our inboxes every so often (and for good reason!) When you’re just starting out monetizing your podcast, you’re never quite sure what that magic number might be.

A good rule of thumb is 1 Pre-Roll Ad, 3 Mid-Roll Ads, and 1 Post-Roll Ad. You do want to be cautious of listener fatigue though! If you have a longer show, try spacing out your Mid-Roll ad breaks instead of only one.

Dynamic Insertion was designed with ease in mind. We want podcasters to be able to upload episodes and have the ad insertion done for them. Really, the only thing you need to worry about when monetizing with RedCircle is what you’re going to spend all that extra cash on.

Why wait? Sign up for RedCircle today and start earning! Want to keep your current host? Sure, you can opt for OpenRAP instead.