45 Digital Totalitarianism

26m | Nov 20, 2023

Today we discuss an article about the Australian government's attempt to regulate Facebook. Facebook didn't like that, so they created a blackout of all news articles on their site. Do you see what happened there? Facebook said, hey, yeah, sure go ahead and regulate us. We'll show you who's really in control here. Google also threatened to shut down services in Australia, which would further serve to highlight who is actually in control.

I say it all the time: Silicon Valley aims to supplant government, and it's happening right before our eyes.

The next article talks about one of the highly, highly, astronomically unlikely incidents of malware on a Mac. Yes, it can happen, but the more important point here is the author praising Apple for HOW they stopped it. They now govern what CAN and CANNOT run on the computers they sell. Get it now? Sure, go ahead and keep thinking this is your computer. it's yours until we find something we don't want you to run on it.

Under this system, truly destructive products like MacKeeper and CleanMyMacX can easily get away with it as long as they create legal corporations and buy a bumper sticker and lollipop from Apple that says they're an approved publisher.

The result is centralized control without any justice. It's digital totalitarianism. It is the real threat here, and it's being formed right before your eyes, under your nose, as we speak.

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