60 Exploiting Loneliness in Older Adults

38m | Mar 22, 2024

Tonight's solo teaching episode focuses on one very poignant article, entitled "Can AI Curb Loneliness in Older Adults?"

  • Many seniors are lonely. In response, one new company is now selling/renting robots to the elderly.
  • It's one thing if you talk to it when you're lonely at home, but one lady reported shunning her family reunion because she felt as though the robot was now her family. WHAT?
  • Unlike the robots from The Jetsons and Star Trek, these aren't independent robots that are "part of the family".
  • These are simply glorified Amazon Echo devices that record everything you say and send it back to Home Office, and then produce results that they deem are most amenable to you. It's the centralization of companionship.
  • "The company prioritizes user security and privacy." Yes, that's what they all say.
  • Turns out MILLIONS of younger people have already been sucked in by AI boyfriends/girlfriends. It's an app where you pretend to text with a significant other.
  • Oh yeah, and if the old folks can't afford the milking fees, NY State will pay for them, because it's a great way to keep people isolated from each other and pacified. In other words, The Matrix.
  • Marc then shines a light on the whole situation by suggesting healthier alternatives. For example, there's this brand new thing that nobody's ever heard before called INTERACTING WITH OTHER LONELY HUMAN BEINGS. You can attend bridge clubs, churches, or even family Zoom calls.
  • You can mentor young people, because Lord knows they desperately need to be taught some social skills.
  • You can do pretty much anything else and end up better off.

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