52 My Chicken Fries Were Delicious

40m | Jan 19, 2024

It's another Torment a Scammer medley! Here's some of the mayhem you'll hear today:

  • The first Spectrum impostor didn't understand percentages, so I explained to him that 120 was 50% of 240 until he snapped.
  • In the next clip, I was talking to a Spectrum impostor and my other phone rang! It was a Medicare impostor so I put the phones together to let them duke it out.
  • Next guy claims he's from "satellite company". No company in particular, just "satellite company."
  • The next dude claims my discount is based on my Social Security Number and tries to get it out of me. I drive him wild and ramble on and on until he pops.
  • The next lady is so overworked she just breathes heavily into the phone, so I ask if she's got lung problems.
  • The next guy apparently asks for my "zip cord". Hilarity ensues.
  • We then get a guy claiming to be Medicare. I mis-hear him as "Madagascar Part A + B?"
  • The final lady asks for my Spectrum bill and phone bill, so I look over all the bills I have, and assume she meant my "food bill" from Burger King. I then proceed to tell her how my lunch was...

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