59 Selling Who You Are with Janet Gervers

38m | Mar 16, 2024

Tonight's guest is Janet Gervers!

One day in the 1990s, she heard about the web, and decided she should be a web designer. So she moved to San Francisco and the next morning the web took off! We even get a history lesson on the origins of Flash multimedia.

She's now an expert in online branding, emphasizing branding that authentically communicates who you are and why you're different. She mainly works with women entrepreneurs who are coach/author/speakers who don't want to deal with the tech aspect.

Tonight we discuss the typical cycle of technology: Something novel comes out, and then the designers let their imaginations run wild, until it becomes more and more and more and more bloated and overgrown.

Finally, we discuss an article about passwords! You know how websites are now forcing you to make COMPLICATED passwords with letters, numbers, punctuation, Cyrillic characters, and music notes? IT TURNS OUT IT'S TOTALLY UNNECESSARY.

It is actually less secure than a passphrase, and bad guys don't even care, because they're just copying and pasting your passwords anyway. So it just ends up being an excellent way to terrify consumers. Unfortunately, most computer guys don't know this, because they worship complexity and/or don't keep up on their training.

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