57 The Heroics of Weakness with Aaron Welty Pt. 1

46m | Mar 4, 2024

Tonight's guest is Aaron Welty. He has succeeded in life despite a number of obstacles, such as Cerebral Palsy, and worse yet, being born in Detroit.

After doctors told his family he wouldn't survive past childhood, he defied them by going to work for the House of Representatives, climbing a mountain, and traveling the world as a motivational speaker.

In Pt 1, we discuss:

  • "The duty of those in power is to speak up for those who can't speak for themselves."
  • How the kids in the book Maniac Magee saw each other as individuals instead of as identity groups
  • How some people strive to claim as many disability benefits as possible, or as Marc calls it, "qualify downward"
  • The contrast between people who overcome their weakness versus those who qualify downward
  • Deciding what kind of person you're going to be
  • How to be more BA than the IDF: Aaron's journey to Southern Israel to take a 3-mi hike in the wilderness then climb a mountain the day after
  • How one Rochester nonprofit goes against the narrative to remind inner-city kids of their innate self-worth
  • "When something is asked of you, that's when you show up and shine."

Stay tuned for the second half next week, and in the meantime check him out at and check out my site

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