58 The Heroics of Weakness with Aaron Welty Pt. 2

47m | Mar 10, 2024

Here's the long-awaited sequel to the interview with our very own superhero, Aaron Welty.

Tonight we discuss:

  • What sparked his journey to Capitol Hill
  • "Why aren't I at the next level yet?"
  • Saving the world versus being the world to someone
  • What happens when you realize life is finite
  • When a group of students lay their hands on him and prayed for him, a miracle happened, but not the one they were expecting.
  • External healing versus fundamental change and inner peace
  • Aaron's superhero alter ego
  • The joys of discovering a shared interest, and also discovering a shared pain
  • The Terrible Privilege: How all superheroes start out as victims
  • How victims can become heroes or villains based on how they handle their pain
  • "There's a point to the weakness because the obstacle is the way."

This is one episode I'll never forget, and I hope it has the same great impact on you. Check me out at and hire Aaron to speak to your group at

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