56 Being Authentic with Taylor Abrahamse, Part 3

43m | Feb 26, 2024

This is the third and final segment of the Taylor Abrahamse interview!

  • How does Marc remain optimistic?
  • Is it your job to save the world?
  • Why 9 is better than 11
  • Being your own worst enemy
  • "I'm really uncomfortable with the idea of relaxing."
  • Entering a dojang, stripped of the trappings of life, with nothing left besides your core identity
  • Removing the "emotional charge" from your predicament, to help you solve it objectively
  • How the finiteness of life actually motivates us to achieve something
  • We eventually got around to reading a tech article about privacy - you're gonnawanna hear what Google and Samsung are doing to you now.
  • We discuss the implications of new tech, the responses to it, and the side effects of those responses.

This and so much more, tonight on The Computer Exorcist Podcast!

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