54 Being Authentic with Taylor Abrahamse, Part 1

39m | Feb 14, 2024

Tonight's special guest is Taylor Abrahamse. He's a thinker, a songsmith, and has been a voice actor for several famous TV shows and animes.

I don't even know where to begin. We talked about so many fascinating things, we had to do three episodes. Here are some of the many topics we covered in Pt 1:

  • Trying to be unique in a world of Taylor Swift fans who drive silver Camrys
  • "Uniqueness, by its very nature, means not everyone can be it."
  • Being lost vs. finding your path
  • How each piece of music or art, regardless of financial return, contributes to humanity's collective success
  • How social media really is the ADD of television multiplied by 200 or even 1000
  • How social media is like a stadium where some people do things, the people in the bleachers react to it, then the people behind the bleachers react to the reactions of the people in the bleachers
  • Making money by helping people, or making money by forcing things onto people
  • Being massively famous vs. being the world to someone
  • How do we get good ideas out there effectively?

Hope you love the episode, keep tellin' your friends about the show, and check out Taylor at and check out my site

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