53 DVDs and Old Cars Forever

33m | Feb 1, 2024

Today is a solo teaching episode where Marc discusses positive articles!

If you have some data you really care about, like family photos, you can now burn it to a Thousand-Year DVD. It has a surface made of minerals, and is projected to last 1,000 years. How do we know this? Well we put them through torture tests like extreme heat and moisture. They remained intact, unlike normal writable DVDs (not to mention floppies and Zip Disks, which die very easily).

What's the second issue people don't talk about? If your media survives, you also need a machine to read it! DVD players are fairly ubiquitous, unlike tape backup readers, which CHANGE every year, so with those, you're very unlikely to find a machine to read your data.

The other good news is about replica cars. Rather than just kit cars, it's now legal for companies to create and sell fully assembled "new" vintage cars - brand new metal that's SIMPLE and reliable and isn't crawling with cloud control. It's a very beautiful thing.

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