55 Being Authentic with Taylor Abrahamse, Part 2

47m | Feb 20, 2024

Today we continue our discussion with thinker/songsmith/voice actor Taylor Abrahamse. I hope you're finding this as fascinating as I did!

We discuss:

  • Artists (and us) leaving the whole scene behind and retiring (but then what?)
  • WHY people like certain songs - what components make up a good song?
  • The cynicism, pandering, and formulaic nature of this year's Big Game commercials - "a miscommunication between corporate culture and real life"
  • "How do these people have all the money if they're so bad at understanding human needs and human psychology?"
  • Were the 80s the peak of civilization?
  • Taylor's catchy kids song "Potbelly Pig"
  • Songs can have sugar and oatmeal components - you can only take the sugary stuff for so long before you start to crave something more substantive.
  • The Bee Gees having eight Number 1 Hits in a row
  • What if someone set out to create a song engineered to contain the components that researchers find attractive? Has it been done already?
  • What is a Cameo?
  • Feeling bad about charging your clients while your competitors blatantly rip them off
  • Company leaders feeling as though they're under pressure to cheat or make gimmicks, versus doing the right thing no matter what

Stay tuned for the third and final segment of our interview.

"Three episodes with me? That's preposterous!"

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