43 Battling the Steering Wheel with Nevin Hira

34m | Oct 31, 2023

Today we welcome Nevin Hira, the guy who inspired me to take my humble little side gig and make it into a full-time business.

We discuss a new trend of moving tech manufacturing (iPhone, Fire Stick, and more) toward Vietnam and India. Since India is already known as a big hub for IT services, it makes sense for them to add IT manufacturing to their national skillset.

Next, we're huge fans of Tesla, but we don't hesitate to call them out when necessary. It's one thing if your Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner knocks into the couch or goes in circles, or if your Samsung fridge roasts itself during an update attack, but it's another thing entirely when hastily-made software starts driving our cars for us.

Why not refine the small stuff first? Oh noo... they have to unleash BETA software (translation: UNTESTED) onto cars that are on the road right now, 10,000 lb chunks of metal that can go haywire at any time. As Musk himself cautioned, "Be very paranoid." Software programmers have never heard of logic or the big picture before.

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