48 More vs Better with Daniel Andrews

35m | Dec 11, 2023

Ever been to one of those networking meetings were people just pepper their resume around the room? They think it's a numbers game, and fail to get to know people, so they're forgotten easily.

Today we learn how to do the opposite, with special guest David Andrews. He reminds us we don't need MORE connections, but BETTER connections.

Marc recounts how he meets the best clients in relaxed non-business clubs, and how he makes sure they know why he's different.

David then brings up a great point - The people you want to network with might not be people who need your services! A divorce attorney and a moving company might not need each other, but they can help each other's clients out.

He also teaches us that the best clients are the ones who are too busy to attend the networking meetings! Those folks can only come to you by referral.

Finally, he mentions something interesting: Your friends and your work contacts don't have to be one and the same. Sure, you should care about your work contacts, but you aren't going to invite them all to your home. Likewise, you might love your friends but wouldn't trust them with a job.

We finish up with an article on BIPA - it's similar to HIPAA except covers biometrics like fingerprints. Marc explains how the REASON why tech companies are so insanely uptight about this stuff is because they don't want people to realize there's so much at stake.

Come learn how to stop scrambling and start doing networking RIGHT!

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