49 Being Genuine with Jim Shulman

38m | Dec 18, 2023

Today we welcome The Amazing Jim Shulman!

We discuss why entrepreneurs make the crazy decision to run their own business: Is it vulnerability? Does it mean I'm a failure at other things? Control? Time management? Independence? Fulfillment? Insanity? Yes.

Who is The Amazing Randy and what can he teach us about IT?

Did you know you can define your business not only by who you work with, but who you don't work with?

Isn't it funny how the companies with the worst products usually have the greatest marketing budgets? (Ahem, HP, Samsung)

How many people have you networked with who were highly refined but had a lackluster message or dime-a-dozen business? How many people have you met who weren't refined, but were genuine, relatable comfortable in their own skin, and had a unique message? (I'm that latter category.)

Finally, we do an article on how much control is baked in to modern cars... or are they really just data collection devices with wheels?

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