47 Foghorn Moves to Idaho

35m | Dec 5, 2023

Today we do another medley of scam call snippets!

One guy calls me (as Foghorn Leghorn) and asks for my zip code. I pull a number out of the air and he looks it up and concludes that I'm from somewhere called "iDAho". I roll with it.

Next guy calls and says he's Spectrum, then I convince him he's from AT&T, then he claims he's from Consumer Cellular. He doesn't care who he's impersonating.

The next guy is a real gem. He claims he's sending me a software update that'll fix the cable wires in the ground to make them more resilient to rainy weather. (Rainy weather affects satellite dishes, not cable wires!)

Next caller asks me for all my credit cards, so I read off all the club membership cards I have in my desk, to his chagrin.

The final guy sounds like he's asking for my "date of bath", so I gladly inform him of the times I've taken a bath recently. He then tempts me with a fake refund, so i bargain with him and try to get a better one.

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