51 AI Bots at Olive Garden with Hank Eder

41m | Jan 9, 2024

Today's special guest is Hank Eder - he helps small businesses by focusing their messaging and branding, finding their target market, and making them a logical website.

Marc met him through the Polarizing Networking group (look them up), which is full of raw, unfiltered people instead of the buttoned down or fake meetings you might've attended.

Hank achieved what Marc has been trying to do for a few years now - Moving his business from the "me doing stuff" world to "me referring people to team members who can help you better than I could".

He gives us some insight into just WHY the Big Box stores are so destructive when they "service" your PC, and what critical service they don't even bother offering.

Next he talks about how to use AI correctly, instead of using it with the reckless abandon that most people on the bandwagon currently have.

He describes how he went from "old white guy", to alter-ego YouTube rapper "MC Bizz Booma", delivering a bite-sized message of encouragement every morning to his fans.

Instead of the usual article, Marc closes up with two hilarious writeups that were generated by AI, pointing out why you just might want to proofread what comes out.

Thanks to Dennis Jones and Wilkes Booth for permission to use their song Steal Your Thunder!

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